*WIZSTORY* v83 Custom - BETA

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*WIZSTORY* v83 Custom - BETA

Post by ๖ۣۜΛrtifical on Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:34 pm

WizStory v83

WizStory, a Maplestory private server that brings back the past with a bit of a twist! No crazy rates! Just 4x Exp / 2x Drops / 1x Mesos and if you're looking for a server that spoonfeed players, WizStory might not be the one for you.
WizStory is a new server that was started in mid December 2014
WizStory is a semi gMS-like v83 private server that provide the old nostalgic experience from pre-BB!

What WizStory provides:

v160+ Customs
Pre-Big bang game-play
Working PQs such as Kerning PQ / Henesys PQ etc
Working Mu lung Dojo / Quests (Most of the quest are working)
Working Rings / Bosses etc
Updated Styles / Items
2X Cards fully functional and available to purchase in the Cash shop
All skills are working for every job and that includes Aran / Pirate
Working Merchants (Free Market shops)
Leveling route system (Never seen before system/feature)
Kerning Square / Temple of Time / Malaysia etc
Unlockable Knights-Of-Cygnus
Obtainable updated Styles (Hair-Gachapon system)
Working Multi-Pets
Working MTS
Low voting rate (Vote to find out :p)
No warp-map / pay2win aspects that ruins game-play
Obtainable Empress Weapons & more!
Continuous development
Growing community
So...what is the Leveling-Route system I'm talking about? It is a decision for players to make. For example, when a player gets to level 200, he/she might think that there will be nothing else to achieve.
In WizStory however, is a different story. What do I mean by that? When a player gets to level 200, he/she will get to choose whether or not to Rebirth. Yes..you heard me right, but wait..don't close this browser upon seeing the word "Rebirth". What I'm talking about is, when a player gets to level 200, if he/she chose to Rebirth, he/she will be rebirthed back to level 1 and keeping Skills/AP.

You must be thinking...this server would probably be another lame low-rate reborn server...pft

No! Players will only get to rebirth ONCE and that's it. By letting players rebirth once, it will enhance the player's damage output (DPS) and letting players try out different jobs without having to start all new again! Rebirthing is also not an easy task afterall! Players must complete a "quest" in order to rebirth!

However, if players doesn't choose to rebirth, they can still continue to level! Yes, WizStory has a maximum level of 250!

Also, WizStory have an on-going 2x EXP & Christmas event right now, do join us today!

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